PT. Dahana Surya Perkasa

Engineering, Fabrication, Construction, Manufacturing

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"Satisfactory is our priority"

   Thank you for visiting our website.

   We, PT. Dahana Surya Perkasa, has been around for more than 25 years.

  We were originally made machines for sugar-mills factories. As time flies by, we are now    

  making machines spare-parts for plastic industries, cement industries, palm oil industries, ice-

  block factories, marine industries, etc.

Working with us means a peace of mind. We tailor-made everything you need. Starting from the design, the long and    thorough calculations, the fabrication/manufacturing at our own workshop, up until the erection and the delivery to the site.

We do all of these with our hearts and it is our passion to see your projects comes to a successful ending.

So, just let us know what projects do you have in mind and let us do the rest.